Curriculum Vitae


MA Art & Space, Kingston University, 2009-10 UK. Michelis Foundation scholarship

Graduate of Athens School of Fine Arts, Sculpture. 2007 Greece

Faculty of Fine Arts, University Complutence, Madrid, 2004-05 Spain. (Erasmus)


5/2016, "Δάσκαλος & Μαθητές", Ίδρυμα Εικαστικών Τεχνών Τσιχριντζή, Κηφισιά 

5/2014, "Goplacia", metamatic:taf, Athens. Curator Nansy Charitonidou 

4/2011, Exhibition in Shop & Trade, Athens. Greece 
9/2010, "Subject: in had and after", MA final show, Old Truman's Brewery, Brick Lane, London

5/2010, "Zone Ends", Toilet Gallery, Kingston. UK

4/2010, “Platform 2”, Kingston University. UK

4/2010, “Contrary to Popular Thinking“, Kingston University. UK

7/2009, Sculpture exhibition, Festival of Exombourgo, Tinos. Greece

3/2009, “Notes on a tree” Cultural Centre Melina, Athens. Curator Iris Kritikou

2/2009, Graduates of 2006-07, Exhibition Hall ASFA. Greece

12/2008, “I create, therefore I am” Centre of Modern Art,Thessaloniki. Greece

9/2008, “6+2 Sculpture variations in metal” Gallery Kaplanon 5, Athens. Greece

11/2007, 1st Prize at the International “Belle Arte Lamia“. Greece

1/2007, Cultural Centre Kypseli, Athens. Greece

3/2003, Exhibition Centre 8 Ditika, Athens. Greece


2016, private sculpture courses

2011-2012, Art teacher in public schools

10/2008-2/2009, sculptor assistant

8/2008, “Art Platform” Exploration of the environment. Tinos. Greece

7/2008, Sculpture Symposium - collaboration with Belgian Artists, Crete. Greece

3/2006, “Teaching Art” in an Art Workshop, Halkida. Greece

6-7/2004, Sculpture Symposium. Dionyssos, Greece. (sculptor assistant)

5/2004, 1st Convention of Sculpture & Architecture students at the Cultural Centre of Delphi. Greece